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In 1979, three brothers expanded this building adding on to Bud’s Hillcrest Drive-In Café. They opened Ferrell’s Belgian Waffle Inn in December, 1979. Jeff Wilhelmsen started as a cook in early 1980 with the hopes of someday owning it. And his dream became reality on July 1, 1980, when he purchases it and changed the name to The Belgian Waffle & Omelet Inn. 

35 years later, Rachael Beagley one of the wives of the original owners continues to bake our popular sweet rolls and homemade pies. Our famous Garbage Hash first started being made at the request of the owner for his own breakfast. Soon the rest of the staff was asking that is be made for them, and eventually we put it on the menu for everyone to enjoy. It has been one of our customer’s favorites ever since. With many employees working here for multiple decades, and many customers coming here for just as long, you get a sense of “coming home” when you eat here.